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Improve Memory in 4 Quick Steps

Important to improve your memory, the hippocampus is a brain structure which has been shown to be involved in context-dependent memory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes trivial things can be hard to remember for all of us, but remembering them can save you from embarrassing situations. The details of a story or things on a shopping lists, the smaller the detail, the worse it is, at least so it seems! It gets even worse when we know someone who seems to remember everything and in great detail. Too few have that eidetic memory, leaving the rest of us to fumble… Continue reading

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Gold Edition


Learning any thing new exercises the brain, stretching it beyond its current borders and must be considered a good thing. Here we have Flight Simulator X. Its  “Flight Acceleration X-pack” enables gamers to play head to head against their friends or others in exciting racing missions, in addition to 20 new missions and new content.  Looks better than ever with enhanced DX10

Product Features

  • Choose from more than 80 missions that will show you the world with fun assignments from around the globe
  • Experience the day change from afternoon sun to evening dusk while flying at… Continue reading

Brain Fitness Software by Dakim for PC and Mac

If you’re over 60, getting the most out of life depends on keeping your mind sharp. Clinically tested Dakim Brain Fitness improves memory and strengthens attention, focus, and concentration by cross-training the brain in six cognitive domains, long-term memory, short-term memory, language, computation, visuo-spatial orientation, and critical thinking, in every session.

Dakim’s brain fitness games, based on standardized neurological exercises and tests, are created for adults. Sophisticated, richly produced and filled with videos, music, exciting graphics, and humor, they make every session fun… for adults!… Continue reading

MindFit for Two Users, English Language Version for North America, Highest Overall Rating and “Most Fun” Says Wall Street Journal Experts in Brain Training Solutions Survey, Powered By Cognifit

This is the software you saw in the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and Psychology Today.

MindFit is a computer program with a proven design for those individuals who wish to actively maintain a vital, agile and vigorous mind. It is a personal trainer for your brain. Twenty minutes a day, three times a week is all it takes to keep your brain in top shape.

MindFit has been specifically designed for those who wish to actively maintain a vital, agile and vigorous mind. It is easy to use and requires minimal computer knowledge. MindFit is based on scientific studies… Continue reading

Posit Science InSight Brain Fitness Program for Two People

See More, React Faster, Drive Better

InSight features five computer-based exercises for use on a PC. These exercises speed up and sharpen how the brain processes and remembers visual information. InSight is clinically proven to help you:

Drive more safely and cut your car crash risk by 50% Remember more visual details when traveling, reading a medication label, and in every vision-rich task React more quickly when driving, walking in a crowded area, playing sports, and other situations that require fast responses to visual information

InSight is also proven to prolong independence and help maintain health-related quality of life, among… Continue reading

Neuroactive Program Memory

The new NeuroActive Program Memory from Brain Center America quickly improves your memory of names and faces, dates and events, short- and long-term, visual, auditory, and more, using our state-of-the-art validated method based on the latest scientific breakthroughs. Select our 18-step training program, or choose any of the memory-stimulating practice exercises and interactive mnemonic strategies. Improve your Memory. Fast! A fun, effective and comprehensive program suited for memory experts as well as beginners, a well-structured 18-step training, a selection of practice exercises and interactive mnemonic strategies, online results comparison and difficulty levels that automatically adapt to your ownSale Price:[productprice id=B00435BV6U… Continue reading

Max & Claire – Develop Your Logic

Max and Claire CD ROM series is one of the most popular games in Europe and Canada. Strengthen the core logic, reasoning, and calculation skills that enable one to excel in problem solving. Fun and stimulating for your child, with multiple challenging levels for adults. Interactive and challenging – players will have fun while working on logic while also enhancing memory, language, concentration, and visual skills. Develop Your Logic contains 12 interactive games that challenge, test, and train your brain. The player navigates through different rooms of the house, playing different games each step of the way. Each game has… Continue reading

Brain Spa jc

Does your brain need a workout? Develop and improve four key brain skills – Memory, Perception, Logic, and Language – with Brain Spa, a new release chock full of brain boosting games. You’ll get eight entertaining puzzle games to keep you on track with your brain workouts! An easy-to-use interface makes for immediate fun, even for beginners! Your activity difficulty will automatically adjust to your level. And players can track their progress with daily charts. Its one workout that you can do while sitting at yourSale Price:[productprice id=B001CD4T24 web=com asotag=jlchrlscom-20]

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NeuroActive Program: Memory and MultiTasking Booster

Science’s fun way to a performing brain! Based on published medical research!Measurable progress within weeks! Real benefits in job, studies, daily life! 16 hours of personal coach training and tutorials on multitasking and memory’s bestSale Price:[productprice id=B001JH9KHM web=com asotag=jlchrlscom-20]

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Posit Science Brain Fitness Program for Two People

Exercise is good for your brain: The Posit Science Brain Fitness Program

The Brain Fitness Program was developed by Posit Science, the leading provider of scientifically validated brain fitness products and services. Posit Science works with more than 50 leading scientists globally to create computer programs that give the brain a workout. Proven effective in dozens of published studies, these programs improve memory, increase brain speed, and help people get the most out of life.

Featuring six exercises that speed up and sharpen how the brain processes and remembers speech and other sounds, the Brain Fitness Program is fun, easy-to-use,… Continue reading

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